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The Ducal Court of Ferrara

“Corte Ducale” represents the Este family during the most important period of its history, in particular the year 1471. On 14th April of that same year, the Marquis Borso d'Este, son of Nicolò III d'Este and Stella de' Tolomei (named “Stella dell'Assassino”), was nominated first Duke of Ferrara by  Pope Paolo II.

Today, “Corte Ducale” is part of “Ente Palio”, which is formed by the 8 districts of the city called “Contrade” and the “Corte Ducale”.
“Corte Ducale” has a leading role in all the events organized by  “Ente Palio”  , also by taking part in the historical reenactments evoking the Renaissance period.
The study of the old essays and the modern adaption of the activities of the ancient  renaissance court are still the main focus of its groups. In particular Corte Ducale's Renaissance Dance Group studies, with the precious help of a teacher, the  dance and music played in the renaissance courts of 1400 and 1500, and it performs them during the public events.
The Ancient sword school trains in the  art of duelling and swordsmanship and it studies the evolution of swords and  weapons.
The Group of Musicians composes and performs music using drums and clarions; and it leads the magnificent parade of the Duke and of its court.

The staff of wardrobe mistress of the “Corte Ducale”  is constantly focused on every detail of dresses, ornaments and jewelry of its members, which are inspired by the frescos in Palazzo Schifanoia in Ferrara, painted by Francesco del Cossa during the second half of 1400.